Mount Rinjani Ultra (MRU) creator, Hendra Wijaya, is taking the race to new level,
and has announced the all new Rinjani Ultra.
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Dear all participant Mount Rinjani Ultra,

We announce that the technical meeting and race pack collection will be in Senaru on 16th August at 9 am untill 11 pm and for drop bag for MRU untill 1 pm to be collect for W4 and maximum drop bag per participant is 2 Kg only.

We also arrange for the carboloading for all participant at Pondok Senaru for the price IDR 70.000/pack, so please reserve for your carboloading by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


NORTH LOMBOK, WEST NUSA TENGGARA - INDONESIA – This race starts from Senaru (600 masl) through dense forest vegetation with ground track along the 8.5 km and next 2 km will cross rocky hill with views of the savanna in along the way to Plawangan Senaru.

At sunrise, when you reaching Plawangan Senaru (2600 masl) you will enjoy the stunning panorama of Lake segara anak and Summit of Rinjani in the distance.

The following route is down the hills into steeply rock boulders whit ground track ground interspersed pine vegetation along the 3 km to Lake Segara Anak.

From Lake Segara Anak (2000 masl) towards Plawangan Sembalun (2600 masl) you will enjoy running at the edge of the Lake with a track stones and you will be presented with a beautiful view of the light reflection along the 3 km hills while crossing the weed and grass with a land track. Boulder rock and incline steep is along the way 1 km ahead of Plawangan Sembalun.

Reaching Plawangan Sembalun, you will see a wonderful landscapes facing lakes, Mount Rinjani peak and Sembalun village’s surrounded hills.

The real challenge and the heaviest part of this race are 5 km away to the top of Rinjani (3726 masl), starting with solid sand track with the tilt angle of gentle incline ramps, then passes through a thick and depth smooth sand track, changed to solid sand track and gravel. The last 2 km towards the Summit, around above elevation 3400masl you will be challenged to climb the Summit of Rinjani with mixed between sand and gravel track that is quite deep to submerge your step (approx. 15 cm). This part of the racetrack will be tougher especially if the wind was blustery and foggy.

At the nice and clear weather when reaching and standing at the dense sandy rock plate about 4 x 12 square meters at the top of Rinjani you can see magnificent and beautiful panorama of Rinjani region, you will be able to see clearly the views of Lake Segara Anak and the incline black yellow and red path you are recently going through. And you will be able to see Bali's highest mountain Gunung Agung (3142 masl).

The route will bring you down from the Summit back to Plawangan Sembalun regions, and you will be faced with a challenge as well as the sensation of running on the decline sand in steep slope and the other side you will enjoy sliding like sledding above the snow but on the other hand it is endanger ourselves. Dangerous because the tracks that you are going through very narrow between 1.5 m to 4 m and on the left and right side is deep ravine.

Upon Plawangan Sembalun regions you heading to Pos 2 (1500 masl) you down the hill with moderate dense of pine vegetation and you will be treated to panoramic views of the hills of the beautiful savannas colored golden yellowish.

From The Pos2 then you have to go back to the previous route to return to Senaru.