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Senaru Village – Best Place to Start Your Journey

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The village of Senaru is the main entrance to Gunung Rinjani National Park, the most popular start point for the trek to Indonesia’s second highest peak (3,726 m). Within the spectacular crater, the lake Segara Anak is the destination of many pilgrims who place offerings in the water and bathe away disease in the nearby hot springs.The cool, flower- filled mountai village of Senaru on the slopes of Mt.Rinjani streches up a hill side spur along a winding road above Bayan it is scenic


From Lombok International Airport, they have taxi or chartered vehicle and also Damri a medium public airport bus destination to Mataram terminal and to Senggigi area only.

by hired taxi or chartered vehicle around IDR 300.000/car from Senggigi to Senaru
by hired taxi or chartered vehicle around IDR 600.000/car from Lombok International Airport to Senaru
by Damri IDR 20.000/pax to Mataram and IDR 25.000/pax to Senggigi


Distances from Lombok International Airport to Senaru via Senggigi around 130 km it’s take around 2,5 hours drive.
Airport to Mataram around 33 km
Airport to Senggigi Sheraton 44 km


It is possible, if a little difficult, to get to Senaru by bus from Mataram. From the main Mataram bus terminal take a bus headed towards Anyar. These are infrequent, there is no reliable timetable and the journey is 2.5-3 hours. From Anyar, regular bemos run to Senaru until about 4PM every daily.


All of the local bungalows and homestays have simple cafes attached. There are a few simple warungs on the road between Senaru and Batu Koq villages. The local Sasak food is excellent — try to to stick with the authentic local cooking as the the dull, generic western traveller dishes may disappoint


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