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Hike Rinjani Via Aik Berik Trail

The coolest Rinjani hiking trail is a forest rich in springs and a diversity of flora and fauna.

paket trekking RInjani Jalur Aik Berik

Rinjani Trekking Via Aik Berik



3 Days




2-10 Pax


3.726 M

About Aik Berik Trails

The Aik Berik trail is the closest hiking trail to the Lombok International Airport.

The main attraction of this Rinjani hiking trail is the diversity of flora and fauna. There have been 45 species of orchids identified since 2006, there are Rinjani plop and flores eagle, Rinjani civet, deer, kidang and several species of butterflies.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about running out of drinking water reserves during the ascent because this beautiful hiking trail is rich with springs.

At each post you can refill the water supply from natural springs.

Rinjani Via Aik Berik Itinerary

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